Saturday, February 4, 2012

Casper the Friendly Ghost Chair

So, no sooner than I posted about the dining room makeover did I stumble upon this ad on craigslist: (Please forgive my terrible iphone picture of the computer screen)

Two Ghost Chairs!  I love Ghost Chairs.  There, I said it.  I have been admiring them for months and considered purchasing chairs like them (knock-offs if you will) due to their price.  What is a Ghost Chair, you may ask? Interior Express states: The ghost chair was designed in the early years of this century by Philippe Stark, one of the most prolific designers of the modern age. Made of polycarbonate, the chairs come in a variety of styles and colors that will appeal to any taste. Injection-molded, they are constructed in a single piece, flowing from the designer’s imagination through technology and into reality. They lend an air of lightness to a room, never impeding the view of more important focal points like picture windows or fireplaces. "Real" Ghost chairs will not have any seams where several pieces are glued/screwed together. 

I was so excited that I emailed the seller right away!  Sadly, she emailed me back saying that someone was already coming to look at (and probably buy) the chairs.  Picture me doing this...

 After I dried my tears, I saw that the owner emailed me back and not only did that person not buy them, they didn't even show up!  I mean how could they stand up these chairs...they're so preeeh-taaay.

Also, you may have noticed the price for TWO chairs was $100.  I know that may seem like a lot, but consider this:  THESE CHAIRS ARE $400 EACH RETAIL.  Sorry, I had to yell, it's exciting.  So 2 chairs = $50 a piece which = a $350 savings each.  Basically, chairs + me = Happy! 

So this afternoon Matt and I drove out to Oxford (bonus, we got to go through Miami, our Alma Mater) to get the chairs.  Barring some sort of major deformity, I was coming home with these chairs so we drove the truck.  I wanted Matt to go with me for safety (hello, Craigslist Killer anyone?) and so we could get lunch in "our" town. 

We met Ginny the owner at her beautiful home to pick them up.  They had a more traditional (BEAUTIFUL) home and didn't think that the chairs went in the space any longer (lucky me).  We looked the chairs over for a milli-second and saw that there were no seams and the Louis Ghost Chair and Stark stamp on the back.  SOLD!  We paid for the chairs and left.  I was perma-smiling of course, and Matt was laughing at me the whole way home. 

When we got them in the house Matt immediately started looking them over to figure out how they "work."  Matt says, "they look like that have two main plates with a slide to form the arms working together to make one seemless piece." He also said that he could tell that by the "parting lines" which are teeny tiny barely visible lines where the metal comes together but doesn't leave a perfectly flush service. The Hubbs used to work in injection molding design, so he has some expertise. 

Here they are in the house....sigh....

I just love how they mix with the traditional pieces that we already have, and I am excited to add new modern touches to make them "feel" at home. 

That's my Saturday morning for you, what did you guys do?  Any other acrylic chair shoppers out there?  Any furniture buying going on at all today?  Happy Saturday!

*Casper the friendly ghost image from, Tantrum video from Youtube. 

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