Monday, February 27, 2012

Frame wall and The Homies

So, as you can read this post is all about the frame wall in the Master Bedroom and what I finally found to put in the frames!  You can read all about the process of arranging the frames here but this is what I ended up with:

I was really happy with (and I still am) how the arrangement turned out.  I only had one picture so far that I was committed to and the rest of the frames were empty.  By the way, I've had lots of questions about where I bought the big "B" and I got it several years ago, probably 5-6, at Hobby Lobby.  Since then initials have blown up so I am sure there are many many places that you can buy all the letters that your hearts desire.
So here are the frames one by one:

First is a vintage postcard from the early 60's. In the fine print on the front it says, "let's go home, I'm exhausted." I thought it was really cute and also really reminiscent of how we feel after trips. Matt and I are constantly on the go and sometimes we get back needing a vacation more than before we left.

Underneath the postcard is a silouette.  Don't laugh, but I tore this off of the front of a composition book.  It's from Target (surprise, surprise) and it's when they had a line from John Derian last year.  I LOVE office supplies and this line was so cute and vintage-y I bought several pieces.  I loved this cover and the notebook is full and put away in a cute basket so I just tore off the front and framed it.  I love it...enough said.  Also, I am NOT a photographer and you will have to excuse the glare from the light fixture and any shadows you may see from here on out. 

The next picture is very special and more than a little personal for us.  Matt and I are were going to have a baby in July.  July 3rd to be exact, but during a check up appointment it was found that our baby did not have a heartbeat.  While it was incredibly difficult to deal with (still is), we find a lot of comfort knowing exactly who holds our daughter.  This was given to us by one of our very sweet friends and is very precious to us.  I also want to put out there that if anyone knows who this artist is I would love to know. 

Okay, enough with the heavy, this next print is from Lovely Little Snippets, and it is actually something that Matt and I say all the time.  For example, when we are having a Harry Potter Weekend one of us might say, "I love us!"  It comes out sometimes when we are at our sweetest, silliest, most fun.

Here is a close up of the "B":

Last, but not least, this next print from Making it Lovely will have you singing (I'm so sorry).  I love this print, this song and how it helps me remember to take things as they come:

For the fun of it....

Now that Que Sera is stuck in your head for the rest of the day (you're welcome) I wanted to say thank you for all of the sweet comments about the blog and about Matt and myself.  I have a lot of fun writing and sharing our home with everyone.  Have a wonderful Monday (is that possible)!

P.S.  Baker's House is nominated for Best DIY Blog on Apartment Therapy for a "Homie."  Follow the link here, scroll down to the bottom of the nominees, log-in or sign up if you aren't already registered with them (it's three steps by the easy) and vote for us.  

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