Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Sign Me Up

Saturday morning I met the Petersiks!  If you aren't familiar with John and Sherry I suggest you check out their awesome blog: younghouselove.  My cousin and I traveled to the Duke Energy Convention Center to attend this year's Books by the Banks.  We got there around 10am and the line already looked like this to meet John and Sherry.

Their table was somewhere over in the right side of the picture, so it went all the way in front of me and to the right.  It was long.  John and Sherry were giving a talk at 11am and we knew that if we stayed in line we would miss it.  So...we snuck up front and snagged two books to buy before the talk.  Here it is:

We ran off to pay and then to grab a seat in the auditorium.  To say I was excited was an understatement. The room filled up fast and it seemed more like a group of old friends than 100 or so complete strangers. 

The talk was light hearted and informative.  They covered some tips and advice on how they got where they are and how not to tak yourself too seriously or be too afraid on your way to making your house a home. 

After the talk, it was back in line, for an hour, to meet John and Sherry and have our books signed.  It was well worth the wait, but as I got closer to meeting them I was so nervous, like a fangirl, and I completely blanked about what I was going to say. I think that I ended up not making a total fool of myself.  John and Sherry were so gracious and completely down to earth.  It was a relief I have to say.  You think about meeting people and hoping that they aren't completely different than you have imagined all this time. 

Here's my nerdy picture:

 Yes, I have the cheesiest smile on my face, and yes, my scarf is attacking John's arm.  Sorry John. 

Here is the (finally) signed book:

I have to say, the book is amazing.  I have already gone through it, twice.  I can't wait to work on some of these projects and I suggest you pre-order your copy ASAP!

Happy Tuesday!

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vacation Motivation

Long time, no blog...

There have been many changes around Baker's House, none of which got me any closer to completing my to-do list! I have a new full-time job which requires most of my energy on a good day, and sadly that leaves me just enough time around here to work on the basics: laundry, light cleaning, etc.

This week however, things are a little different. I'm on vacation! 11 blissful days of no work (sorry guys, love you) and the ability to do as much (or as little) as I want.

I was looking over the to-do list and found it's a little out dated:

-Upgrade the master bath to match our master bedroom
- Switch the "sports room" and our guest room
- Updgrade the decor in the sports room
- Paint and decorate the guestroom
- Paint the laundry room
- Install new trim in laundry room (Marypoppins destroyed it as a puppy)
- Refinish the dresser in the guestroom
- Re-paint the coffee table
- Clean and stain the fence in the backyard
- Freshen up the paint on the outdoor trim

A few of these items are completed, and a few need to be changed. Namely, some of the rooms have a new function. Presently, there is no longer a sports room or anyone that lives here that is interested in sports. That room will more than likely be an office. I don't have a guestroom either, it's more like a giant box of junk...

With those changes in mind, here's the new list:

- Paint the master bathroom to match the master bedroom
- Create an office (old sports room)
- Create an area for crafting/sewing in front bedroom and also an area for guests...(currently my guests either have to sleep with me (hello) or on the couch!
-Install new trim in the laundry room (I am woman hear me roar)
-Paint the laundry room
-Clean and stain the fence (again...roar)
-Refinish dresser
-Refinish Armoire

As per usual, I'm sure there are 100 things that I am forgetting, but I'll be sure to add to the list, and keep you guys updated as much as I can.


Wednesday, July 11, 2012


UPDATE: Find shopping locations at the bottom of the post!

Before getting into cleaning, I just want to say thank you to everyone for reading.  This blog is such a positive and creative outlet for me.  Creating is something that I have always done, and something I have always loved.  It is something I learned growing up from the amazing women around me.  From my great grandmother with her quilts, my grandma with her floral business, and my mom and cousin with their talent for crafts.  I have learned something from each of them to make my own style, to make Baker's House.  So, thanks to them, and thanks to you :) 


I have a strange love for cleaning.  For fun when I was little I would dust my grandma's furniture and clean the windows (the one's I could reach anyway).  It provides instant gratification that I am a fan of and then at the same time it is productive.  LOVE IT.  Since I know all of you are as excited about cleaning as I am, I thought I would share a little bit about my favorite (and only) cleaning products and tools. 

First on the list...

Mrs. Meyers Lemon Verbena All Purpose Cleaner

It smells heavenly and packs a major cleaning punch.  It is concentrated so one bottle lasts forever a really long time.  I bought a large spray bottle and mix the solution (follow the directions please) with water in it.  The light scent is just a bonus to the fact that it cuts grease better than some industrial chemically (yes that's a word) cleaners.  Bottom line: I love it and use it on almost everything!

Next Up...


Please go to the company website for the many, MANY uses for Borax.  It has two purposes in my home: to clean the toilets and to clean carpets.  I pour a cup in the toilet bowl and leave it overnight.  A quick swish in the morning and sparkling clean.  For the carpet, I love it for spot cleaning.  Marypoppins is the sweetest dog, but she's a giant.  If you have a giant dog, you know there are going to be giant messes.  The borax neutralizes odors and takes up the stains really well.  I just dissolve it in warm water and scrub away. 

Another favorite...

Dr. Bonner's Magic Soap's (and Baking Soda)

Magic is right...I love this soap.  It is so versatile I use it to clean my bath tub, and clean my face...yes you heard me right.  There are many lovely scents, but my favorite it the Lavender.  To clean the tub I squirt the soap in the tub and then sprinkly baking soda on it. Once they are both in the tub, I mix them together making a paste.  I let the paste sit for a little while and then take a stiff bristle brush to it.  This is really great for me because it provides a deep clean without any harsh smelling chemicals.  I have allergies, so this is amazing.  I hated cleaning the bathroom for that very reason. 

Some other staples in my home for cleaning: Soap and water.  I will take glasswares, figurenes etc, fill the sink and let them soak.  It does all the work for you and they come out gleaming.  I use lavender mint dish soap from Seventh Generation.  It's amazing.  Another thing you cannot have enough of are microfiber cloths.  Even without any cleaner they pick up dust and dirt like a magnent.  Just be careful when washing them not to use fabric softener or they loose their magic powers. 

So there is my list.  Those are the only products I use. They keep my house clean and keep me healthy (no allergy problems from these products)!  For local people (Dayton/Cincinnati Area) the cheapest price for Mrs. Meyer's is at Kroger.  $5.99 is a steal for that great big bottle.  Target has been the best place in terms of price for the Dr. Bonners Magic Soap.  It is in the makeup section, not the cleaning section.  I think they have it for $12.99 the last time I checked.  Borax is pretty cheap everywhere.  I don't think I have ever paid more than $3 a box. 

Happy Wednesday!