Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dining room dream

Dining Room

Behold...the hopes for our dining room!  I do not have experience putting together mood boards for rooms, but with several comments from friends about wanting to know how I put rooms together, I whipped this up.  This is basically a mock up of images that float around in my mind of what I want for the dining room.  First, I want to say that I try to decorate any room spending as little money as possible, it's kind of a game to see how small of an amount we can spend on any given room or project.  Secondly, I almost always have something on hand, and rarely ever have to start from scratch.  Take the dining room for example: we already have the dining room table, a side board, hutch and the shelving (#5).  Speaking of numbers, allow me to break down the picture for you...

#1: represents the camel paint color already on the walls in the dining room. 

#2: these are the two types of chairs that I am wanting for the dining room.  The amazingly awesome completely clear chairs are called Ghost Chairs.  They are made entirely of acrylic which makes them modern, but their traditional shape make them oh so adorable to me.  The white chairs are from Ikea that I want (4 please) to go with the Ghost Chairs. 

#3: These are white Ribba frames from Ikea.  I have a lot of pictures and prints that I want to display on the the floating shelves.  I like the idea of the frames all being the same and letting the pictures be the "star." 

#4: This is the color palette that I am decorating with.  A sort of cornflower blue, bright green, and grayish brown.   Oh, and white...of course.

#5: These are the floating Lack shelves from Ikea that we already have installed in the dining room.  Don't let the picture fool you, the are over five feet long leaving us plenty of display place.

#6: These are the fabulous prints that I want from Crate and Barrel...I love them...sigh.  I am considering making something similiar, but I am hunting these two down (on clearance right now and I have a discount code from Crate and Barrel). 

Finally, #7: These are just representative of some of the accessories that I want for the space.  I love the idea of filling hurricanes with strange items.  Right now I have them filled with conversation hearts for valentines day with a candle in the middle (Matt keeps trying to eat them).  I love the blue bottles, well any bottles for that matter.  I think I've said before that I like to decorate with found, or non-traditional items. 

So, that's it.  This is how I plan a room.  I look at what the function of the space needs to be, look at what I have, and plan out what I need.  Hope that helps!

*Image from Polyvore - by Mary Baker

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