Thursday, January 5, 2012

Quick Change: Mirror Image

Hey everyone!  We had a quick change in the master bedroom recently that I thought I would share with you!  Our bed is a queen size canopy bed that can be converted into a four poster bed with the removal of the canopy pieces.  A few months ago we removed the slats to make it a four poster bed.  Once those were removed, the space above the headboard was much larger and needed "something." 

While at Ikea (of course) Matt and I picked up two large white frames that I thought were the right size for our room.  I had a harder time finding prints that I liked to go in the frames and half heartedly added some green wrapping paper into the frames as place holders.  It ended up looking like this...

I didn't love it, I have to admit, but I liked it enough to leave it until I found something better, which I did!  While garage-saling (yes that is a word) I spotted this gorgeous antique mirror at a friend's sale.  I loved it, but Matt wasn't so sold and I was short on money (after shopping all day) so we passed and grabbed some other things.  Weeks later at my sweet friend Jenny's house she said she still had the mirror and would GIVE IT to us if we wanted it because she wanted it gone.  Matt couldn't argue with free so we snatched it up and brought it home.  It hung in the garage for a little while until I decided where it would go.  I wanted to hang it in a nursery, but I am sadly not pregnant so it got bumped to the big show...the master bedroom.  Here is the mirror in its new home...

I LOVE IT!  Matt did not know if the mirror would "go" with the room, but agrees that its antiquey goodness mixes well with our newer pieces.  We hope that you like it as much as we do.  Happy Thursday!

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  1. Mary!!!!! i LOVE it!!!!! what a beautiful place for the's perfect. love love love the colors, bedding, lighting and of COURSE the mirror!!!! i would say.... that it always belonged just where it is! :D .... so happy you two (or three) found each other!



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