Friday, October 21, 2011

Quick Change

Not every project has to take 3 or 4 days, or even a weekend for that matter.  This post proves that a change of accessories can be a quick fix to freshening up a space.  In our entry way we put in the Hemnes shoe cabinet from Ikea seen here.  It is a great solution to the shoe problem we have had, which is crazy because it's just us and the mountain of shoes is ridiculous... I digress...  Anyway, I wanted to hang some art and accessories over the cabinet and this is how I did it.

Here is a close up picture:

This is the full length shot, which Marypoppins (our dog) had to make her blog debut!  

I liked this look, but after a while it felt a little matchy-matchy and maybe too much yellow for me all the time.  Plus, the "B" would always be crooked!  Just laying around the house I had white frames and I thought that would be too much white and well...boring.  So on one of my many trips to Target (I LOVE Target!) I picked up this little square number for under $5, $4.98 if you were wondering! 

It's really cute, a great pattern, and in my new obsession color: blue.  I actually thought that I would hang it up in our bedroom, but it was too blue (our bedroom has aqua colors and saddly, it clashed).  So, what did I do with it?


And this...

I love it!  It is just the right color and it broke up all the yellow we had going on previously.  Let me know what you think!

P.S.  Incase you were wondering, the yellow bowl, gold desk calendar and metal lunchbox were bought at a barn sale down the street (this guy has the best sales).  The picture frame and blue art are both from Target, the shoe cabinet (as previously stated) and white ceramic pot are from Ikea.  Also, you can get the art I have in my home from this free printable website.  They have several different colors of this cute saying about who you share your home with.  

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