Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Vacation Motivation

Long time, no blog...

There have been many changes around Baker's House, none of which got me any closer to completing my to-do list! I have a new full-time job which requires most of my energy on a good day, and sadly that leaves me just enough time around here to work on the basics: laundry, light cleaning, etc.

This week however, things are a little different. I'm on vacation! 11 blissful days of no work (sorry guys, love you) and the ability to do as much (or as little) as I want.

I was looking over the to-do list and found it's a little out dated:

-Upgrade the master bath to match our master bedroom
- Switch the "sports room" and our guest room
- Updgrade the decor in the sports room
- Paint and decorate the guestroom
- Paint the laundry room
- Install new trim in laundry room (Marypoppins destroyed it as a puppy)
- Refinish the dresser in the guestroom
- Re-paint the coffee table
- Clean and stain the fence in the backyard
- Freshen up the paint on the outdoor trim

A few of these items are completed, and a few need to be changed. Namely, some of the rooms have a new function. Presently, there is no longer a sports room or anyone that lives here that is interested in sports. That room will more than likely be an office. I don't have a guestroom either, it's more like a giant box of junk...

With those changes in mind, here's the new list:

- Paint the master bathroom to match the master bedroom
- Create an office (old sports room)
- Create an area for crafting/sewing in front bedroom and also an area for guests...(currently my guests either have to sleep with me (hello) or on the couch!
-Install new trim in the laundry room (I am woman hear me roar)
-Paint the laundry room
-Clean and stain the fence (again...roar)
-Refinish dresser
-Refinish Armoire

As per usual, I'm sure there are 100 things that I am forgetting, but I'll be sure to add to the list, and keep you guys updated as much as I can.


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