Monday, May 7, 2012

Graduation, Gifts, and Going through the Garbage

The last four days have been a whirlwind of activities and emotions!  My sweet husband graduated Saturday from Miami University and this weekend we hosted family and friends celebrating his accomplishments.  Here we are just after the ceremony. 

Matt's parents were in town until today, and yesterday we spent the whole day with some of our closest family and friends.  Everyone ate more food than should be legal, played cornhole, and talked until we collasped.  It was great. 
Speaking of great, besides all of the wonderful gifts Matt got for graduation, my mother-in-law, Cindy bought me a present that I LOVE.  She works at a travel resort in Florida (jealous, I know) and they have returning customers every winter.  Several of the customers are so crafty they make me jealous.  For example, I haven't had to buy kitchen scrubbies in two years because one of their friends crochets them from hand!  I've also been gifted a beautiful cheese plate from a flattened wine bottle, and then yesterday, I got these:

This lady makes them from hand and in several different sizes.  Cindy bought me two of the smaller ones, but let's just say that I am thinking about buying a big one when we visit them next.  They have the option to hang, but I'm not just sure where to put them.  For now I have tucked them away on these shelves:

I love them so much, and I may not hang them at all.  We will have to wait and see. 

Also something that we will have to wait and see about is this fabulous find from the garbage.  Don't worry, I didn't crawl through a dumpster looking for it, it was sitting sweetly by the curb waiting to be picked up for the trash.  As my father-in-law nicely put, this isn't my best find, but I think it has amazing potential.  

It may look beyond repair to some of you, but it is sturdy and only has cosmetic issues.  I am going to paint it a bright glossy color (probably blue) and I'll have to bust out the old sewing machine to make a cushion and pillows for it.  I love it...that's all. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend.  I've got a lot of projects to share with you so you'll be hearing from me soon!

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